7.75″ Red Striped Eco-Flex Paper Straws 100/pkg

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Functional and durable, paper straws are more than just an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Designed to resist water absorption, these straws will hold up in your drink as long as you need them to! Made with non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes, this product will be sure to impress!

  • Bulk pack for extra savings!
  • Red and White striped design
  • 7.75″ length
  • Unwrapped
  • Can easily be used as both a flex and straight straw
  • Perfect for any type of liquid beverage
  • 100/pkg | 800/case

    paper compostable biodegradeable biodegradable Bendy Bendable Adjustable Accordian Accordion Flexible

    straws straight regular 8″ 7″ red white stripes classic retro


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